Vanessa Yaeger  |  Designer

Honest design.

There are a lot of catch terms out there and a lot of fluff. That's why it's refreshing to know, if you are wanting creative that has not forgotten it's original goal — to engage and tell a story — then that's where I come in.

I believe we are all visual creatures — some more than others. There is a reason why fast-food chains slather icons, fun typography and photos all over their menus. It's just easier to promise an excellent experience with tantalizing visuals. It's how we persuade and sell a dream, and I believe the more convincing the creative, the better the visual story. 

On an emotional level, people need to start experiencing your event, service or product even before they visit or experience it in person. That is where good design takes the stage. Even if it functions well, if it doesn't tell a story at first glance, it's not going to initiate that first response.

When you work with me, you will realize that I put relationships above all else. Design and creativity comes second. At the end of the day, this is a service I am selling, but my relationships I hope will last forever. To me, people come first.